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Dive Into the New Age of Accelerated AI, Automation & Analytics. We help you accelerate you business!

Our Services


Business Growth with  Expert Consulting Services

​Our team of experienced professionals has worked across various industries, providing us with an in-depth understanding of business development. We offer tech solutions to help you achieve your desired results without the need for extensive training. Our approach begins with an initial meeting, either online or at your location, where we assess your needs and provide guidance on how to achieve your goals. We set realistic expectations and timelines, and can also provide interim support to help you grow your business or adapt to new ways of working.


Our consultants specialize in:

  • Digital transformation

  • Digital strategy

  • Sales strategy with a focus on digital channels

  • Change management

  • Project management

  • Front-end and back-end development

  • Low-code solutions such as PowerApps, Power Automate, and PowerBI.


Digital Transformation

At Northgrounds AB, we understand that implementing a successful digital transformation requires more than just technology upgrades. It requires strategic planning, change management, and organizational buy-in. Our team has the expertise to guide your organization through the process of digital transformation, helping you to achieve your business goals and stay ahead of the competition.


Our services include:

  • Change management: We work with you to identify and address the people and cultural factors that may impede successful digital transformation.Strategy: We develop a comprehensive roadmap for digital transformation that aligns with your business objectives and ensures a successful outcome.

  • Processes: We analyze and optimize your existing business processes, leveraging digital tools and technologies to increase efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Organizational change: We help you to transform your organization, ensuring that your workforce is equipped with the necessary skills and mindset to embrace digital transformation.

  • IT transformation: We help you to identify and implement the latest technologies to support your digital transformation journey, ensuring that your IT infrastructure is modern, secure, and scalable.

  • Partner with Northgrounds AB to achieve a successful digital transformation and take your organization to the next level.


Transform Your Data  with Modern Data Management

In today's society, understanding your data is crucial for business success. Data security and privacy are increasingly important, and data quality and management have become critical success factors for developing relevant products and services. With the right data management, you can efficiently retrieve, structure, and analyze data to drive personalized communication and gain a competitive edge.


Our data management services include:

  • Analysis of the current data situation and recommendations for improvements

  •  Data analytics to extract valuable insights • Assessment of data location, volume, quality, and safety

  • Data strategy development

  • Identification of master data and required information

  • Design of data collection and storage processes • Integration planning and project management

  • GDPR compliance and regulatory compliance

  • Partner with us to develop a modern data management approach that maximizes the potential of your data and transforms it into a competitive advantage.


Transform Your Business with Business Automation

At Nortgrounds, we offer Business Process Automation (BPA) services to help you streamline your business processes and automate repetitive and complex tasks using technology and systems. Our aim is to increase delivery quality, speed, and efficiency, and improve customer experience by creating uniform processes with high delivery quality.


Our team of automation consultants are well-versed in intelligent automation, including machine learning and AI services, to help you automate processes that regular rule automation cannot handle. We empower you to take care of the automation process and build new ones without relying on our consultants.


Our Business Automation services can help you automate your existing business processes, such as:

  • Integrating different systems and data flows

  • Automatically updating information in business systems and analytics

  • Collecting information from various systems or websites to data lakes or traditional data warehouses

  • Sending notifications via email or SMS to customers or employees

  • Creating logins or accounts in services or systems

  • Sending reports or analytics to different stakeholders

  • Trust Nortgrounds to transform your business processes with efficient and effective Business Automation solutions.


Revolutionize Your Business Analytics with Modernization

At Northgrounds AB, we provide modern solutions that expose advanced analytical capabilities to help your business users make smarter decisions. Our data modernization approach involves moving from legacy databases and architectures to modern, cloud-based platforms, and next-gen analytics tools. We offer step-by-step guidance to help you implement this strategy seamlessly.




  • Scalability and flexibility with cloud-based infrastructures that can scale to meet growing analytics needs, enabling users to spend more time on analysis and less on database operations.

  • Integration of new data sources quickly and hosting rising data volumes with modern data architecture, providing access to all data, real-time data, and analyzing changes.

  • Faster time to insight, empowering users to quickly find value in data and ingest streaming data to analyze events as they unfold.

  • Democratizes access to data, storing data in one place, enabling users to run reports and share analytics securely instead of siloes of data.

  • Paving the road for advanced types of analytics like artificial intelligence and machine learning by building a modern data foundation.


Unlock the Power of AI and Machine Learning with Northgrounds

Artificial Intelligence is the key to unlocking complex information processing and drawing valuable insights from large data sets. At Northgrounds, we specialize in helping businesses harness the power of AI and machine learning to drive growth, productivity, and profitability.

  • Our team of experts can help you explore the potential of AI in your organization, from speech recognition to accident prevention and logistics optimization.

  • With our guidance, you can ask the right questions, explore and purge your data, and select the most valuable features to build and evaluate your models.

  • We work closely with your team to understand your business problems and help you leverage the full potential of your data.

  • Let us help you set up your AI functionality, build your future technology organization, and unlock the power of machine learning for your business. Contact Northgrounds today to learn more.

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

Northgrounds Ecosystem offers a game-changing solution for companies looking to take their integration strategy to the next level. Our cutting-edge technology enables an "outside-in" approach, seamlessly connecting your organization to a dynamic network of trading partners, applications, suppliers, customers, and marketplaces.

Say goodbye to traditional integration challenges and hello to improved agility, faster onboarding, and business process optimization. With our modern approach to multi-enterprise integration, you'll be empowered to identify new digital revenue streams and drive meaningful business outcomes that add real value to your organization. Upgrade your integration strategy with Northgrounds Ecosystem today.

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