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Our Vision

Our main goal is to always achieve a high level of customer satisfaction with the services and products that we provide. This simple approach has effectively fueled our growth since we opened our doors in 2007. 


Our Story

Company Organizations & Cloud has been pitched as the way of the future but in our experience, organizations underestimate the people, strategy and process components required to ‘transform’. Rather than sit by and watch organizations pour money into solutions that wouldn’t add value, our founder, Jens Nordmark set out to build a cloud technology business which cares about four things:


  • Understand customers business value and help them to grow so that we can grow with them.

  • We remain cloud agnostic so we can do the right thing by a client rather than push a specific solution. This means that we have experience with both AWS and MS cloud technology, Microsoft Low code tools like PowerApps, Power automate, PowerBI and processes.

  • We seek to understand the real challenge to be solved before jumping into solution mode. And we stick around to measure and tweak the results. We’re not here for one-offs.

  • We hate seeing customers get ripped off with incomplete or substandard solutions. We’re often the team that gets called in what something gone wrong with another party for the simple reason – we deliver.

With a unique ability to connect with a wide spectrum of executives and leaders. Since 2007 had the privilege of providing guidance and expertise to all types of organizations in  Sweden and beyond. 

Northgrounds offers the comprehensive capabilities and deep industry knowledge necessary to help you solve the most complex issues of your organization. Since opening our doors in 2007, we’re proud to say that each year we have a bigger list of returning and new clients.Want to experience the expertise of Northgrounds for yourself? Give us a call today and let’s discuss what we can do for you.

Experienced Leadership

About the creator

This is Jens Nordmark

Jens Nordmark started Northgrounds AB with a passion for helping organizations achieve their digital transformation goals. With over 22 years of experience in the business and technology industry, he possesses a unique blend of technical expertise and strong leadership skills.

Jens' moto is "keep it simple," meaning he believes in streamlining processes and solutions to make them easy to understand and implement. He uses AI and machine learning to quickly assess complex situations and make good decisions, and his excellent communication and management skills motivate and inspire teams to achieve their goals.

Jens' proven areas of expertise include business transformation strategy development and delivery, RPA, operational improvement, stakeholder engagement, and cloud and digital strategy as part of overall corporate strategy. He also has a strong focus on customer advocacy, designing convenient and engaging customer experiences across all channels, digital and physical.

Jens' vision for Northgrounds AB is to help organizations achieve their full potential by aligning their business strategies with the latest cloud services and digital solutions, using automation, machine learning, and ultimately AI functions. He believes in creating clear digital objectives and expectations and delivering them with credibility and performance improvement.

If you're looking for a leader who can simplify your digital transformation journey and help you achieve your goals, contact Jens Nordmark and the team at Northgrounds AB today.

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